Lavender Blue

Once the few dietary changes had exorcised the plague of candida from my¬† body, I was left with some very odd and resistant fungal lesions. They were painless and hidden, yet I could see them. A doctor had told me years early the first of these tan patches was actinic keratosis. The only problem with this diagnosis is actinic keratosis typically develops on skin that has seen a lot of sunlight over the years. This was on the side of my breast. It is possible that in my younger years I might have worn a bikini or two that would have left this skin bare, but it was also under my arm and I really wasn’t that much of a sun goddess. Thankfully for my fair complexion I never found sweating in the sun for hours appealing. My active life kept me glowing enough. I didn’t question his diagnosis at the time. I believed him and was grateful when he said it was nothing serious.

The patch remained there for years and over time more patches appeared, yet under my breasts, where sunlight had truly never shone. It wasn’t until I had become the administrator of my own health care that I realized these were fungal patches, like mold growing on cheese and they had been spreading as any fungus would with the perfectly warm and moist conditions under my breasts. Fungal infections are common as people age. They have health problems, their immune systems are weak and they don’t move around a lot, but I wasn’t old and unhealthy and my immune system had been strengthened with my dietary changes.

One day I decided I was going to cure those spots. I attempted to treat them with a few different things; coconut oil, aloe. They both made me feel slimy and neither touched the infection. Tea tree oil was so harsh it left my skin inflamed with irritated looking fungal patches. Not sexy for sure. It was Lavender oil that finally did the trick. Every evening I faithfully applied it undiluted to the patches. It took weeks, but slowly they faded and disappeared. It’s been years now and not one of them has returned. I had already eliminated my heavy carbohydrate intakes, so reinfection was not possible. Organic lavender powder keeps things dry and fresh during the day, but aside from that I don’t even think about it anymore.